Marissa Rhea, MA

Marissa Rhea, MA

Senior Clinical Research Coordinator

Professional Experience

Marissa has been with the Department of Psychiatry since 2000, where her work has ranged from twin and adolescent research to geriatric research. Since joining the Healthy Mind Lab in 2014, she has engaged in clinical research involving older adults with depression and anxiety, coordinating a study on the use of buprenorphine in treating older adults diagnosed with treatment-resistant depression. During the pandemic, Marissa co-coordinated the STOP COVID study, a clinical trial examining the effectiveness of fluvoxamine in the early treatment of COVID-19. Currently, she is coordinating the Optimum Neuro study, a multi-site neuroimaging study looking at cognitive decline in older adults with depression. Marissa also serves as a Perioperative Wellness Partner for the Center for Perioperative Mental Health, where, drawing on her counseling background, she conducts patient-centered interventions to help older adults undergoing surgery.


Bachelor of Arts, University of Missouri-Columbia, Psychology

Master of Arts, Webster University, Counseling

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