Healthy Mind Lab is a group of treatment researchers at Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis.

Through practical clinical trials, our research aims to promote healthy minds and healthy bodies across the lifespan.

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HealthyBodies | HealthyMinds

Seeking individuals ages 12+ to complete 1-week study completely from your smart phone

The HealthyBodies | HealthyMinds app, available free on the App Store, will collect information on your eating and exercise habits throughout the day

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Seeking adults 65+ for a research study involving classes, health screenings and memory assessments to improve memory and concentration

MEDEX is a research study to examine the benefits for older adults of Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR), health education, and exercise to improve memory, attention, and concentration.

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Improving treatment for adults 60+ who are currently depressed and taking antidepressant medication

Optimum is a research study to find out which medications work best and are safest for individuals who are 60+.

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Psychotropic Drugs and Falls in Older Adults

Psychotropic Drugs and Falls in Older Adults

In the elderly, falls are a common and important problem. One of the most feared consequences of falling is a hip fracture. Other consequences include other fractures, head injuries, and less serious injuries that can nonetheless impair function and quality of life.

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