Improving health outcomes and supporting weight management in adults ages 18-65 who are currently taking antipsychotic medication

We’re testing the effectiveness of an interactive obesity treatment approach (iOTA) in adults with severe mental illness (SMI). This treatment combines in-person health coaching visits with daily text messages to help keep you motivated and on track with your health and weight management goals.

What is the purpose of the study?

Many people who take antipsychotic medications experience weight gain and develop obesity. This can increase risk for diabetes and other health conditions. The iOTA-SMI research study is designed to test how well text messaging, in addition to one-on-one meetings with a health coach, can help you identify and reach your personal health goals, including managing your weight.

If you are taking an antipsychotic and are trying to manage your weight, you may be eligible for iOTA-SMI.

To find out more about the study, and see if you are eligible, call 314-362-5939 or complete the contact form by clicking “Register now” below.


You may be eligible if you are…

  • Between the ages of 18 and 65
  • Currently taking antipsychotic medication
  • Currently enrolled in case management services or work with a social worker

What is involved in the study? 

The treatment groups

If you are eligible to participate, you will be randomized to either monthly in-person health coaching visits supplemented by additional text messaging, or to monthly in-person health coaching visits alone. Many participants ask what it means to be randomized and may assume that some groups receive a control, or placebo. In the iOTA-SMI study, there is no control or placebo group. If you participate, you will receive treatment, for example health coaching and texts or just health coaching. There are no medications being tested in this study. Being randomized to one of the two treatments simply means you do not choose which treatment you will receive. Researchers place you in a treatment group randomly, like flipping a coin. 

Study visits

You will be asked to complete 5 in-person visits while you are in the study. The first visit is the baseline visit where we will learn more about you and about your health history and your wellness goals. The baseline visit takes around 2 hours to complete. After the first visit, you’ll see your health coach monthly for four additional visits, each lasting about an hour. Study staff may check on you by phone between visits to see how you are doing. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I be compensated?

Over the course of the study, if you are eligible and participate, you may be compensated up to $100.

What is the time commitment for this study?

The study lasts up to 4 months. The study involves 5 in-person visits at the Healthy Mind Lab located at: 600 S. Taylor Avenue, St. Louis, MO 63108. The study may also involve phone calls between visits. 

In the study, will I change my medication?

No. You will stay on the medication prescribed by your doctor. If you medications change during the time you are in the study, all you have to do is let your health coach know.

Will iOTA staff be in touch with my physician during the study?

The study team and physicians will stay in touch with your current provider throughout the study.

How do I get to the Healthy Mind Lab?

The Healthy Mind Lab is located in the Institute for Public Health Building which is also known as the Taylor Avenue Building.

600 S. Taylor Ave., Suite 121, St. Louis, MO 63110


  • Free parking for study participants is available in the lot behind the building.
  • Free visitor parking is available in two-hour increments in the lot in front of the building along Taylor Avenue.
  • Hourly parking is available in the Clayton Avenue garage just south of our location at the corner of Clayton and Taylor Avenues. Parking meters are available along Scott Avenue.

Public Transit

  • The Central West End MetroLink station and the Central West End Transit Center bus stop is located one block west of our location.

Please let us know if you have circumstances that make traveling to our campus difficult for you and we will do our best to accommodate.

To find out more about the study, and see if you are eligible, call (314) 362-6291 or complete the contact form by clicking “Register now” below.

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