Goal-oriented rehab improves recovery in older adults

Goal-oriented, motivational physical and occupational therapy helps older patients recover more fully from broken hips, strokes and other ailments that land them in skilled nursing facilities for rehabilitation, according to new research at Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis.

Dr. Eric Lenze weighs in on depression in older adults for The St. Louis American

For some older adults, seeking help for depression may be stressful or embarrassing. Some people can’t find the words to describe how they feel, which can make them feel even more alone. Primary care physicians are usually the first health care provider older adults speak with about their stress, mood, anxiety, loneliness, and concerns about their future.

Healthy Mind Lab announces T32 postdoctoral fellowship opportunity in precision medicine and mental health

This NIMH funded postdoctoral training fellowship is available to psychologists, neuroscientists, and geriatric and adult psychiatrists who are interested in conducting translational research on precision medicine, with a particular emphasis on neuroimaging, genetics, and brain health. Individuals with a background in, and/or high aptitude in, neuroimaging analysis preferred. The fellow will be working with Eric […]

Jennifer Blome of 550 KTRS interviews Dr. Lenze

In honor of Mental Health Awareness Month, we shared information about our healthy aging studies for adults ages 60+ on-air with Jennifer Blome of The Big 550 KTRS. Listen to the full recording or read the transcript below. TRANSCRIPT This radio interview aired on May 14, 2018. Jennifer Blome (The Big 550 KTRS): There is […]

Psychotropic Drugs and Falls in Older Adults

In the elderly, falls are a common and important problem. One of the most feared consequences of falling is a hip fracture. Other consequences include other fractures, head injuries, and less serious injuries that can nonetheless impair function and quality of life.

Healthy Mind Lab physicians make ‘Best Doctors’ list

Published each year, Best Doctors Inc. identifies outstanding physicians in numerous disciplines. Physicians are asked “If you or a loved one needed a doctor in your specialty, who would you choose?”

Researchers aim to improve brain health in older adults

Two research studies in Dr. Lenze’s Healthy Mind Lab, Optimum and MEDEX, are currently recruiting older adults. Optimum aims to improve depression treatment. MEDEX aims to improve memory and concentration.

Dr. Lenze, geriatric psychiatrist, weighs in on psychiatric drug usage finding

About one in six American adults took a psychiatric drug — most often antidepressants, sedatives or antipsychotics — at least once during 2013, according to a new research letter published in the journal JAMA Internal Medicine. Dr. Lenze sheds light on the implications for older adults.

Hard-to-treat depression in seniors focus of $13.5 million study

“Older adults who are prescribed antidepressants often find that they don’t get better with the first or second medication they are prescribed,” said principal investigator Eric J. Lenze, MD, a professor of psychiatry. “So what should they get? This will be the largest and, we hope, the definitive study to answer that question. This study will show us which treatments work best and which are safest, and it will help us personalize treatment.”

Improving depression and anxiety therapy in seniors

Healthy Mind Lab researchers, led by Dr. Eric Lenze, are looking for better ways to help older adults deal with depression and anxiety through antidepressant medications and mindfulness-based stress reduction